The Rules

The Task at Hand:

105 day (15 weeks) of self-prescribed and created Refrigerator Queen training. 

This training is an attempt to:
1) Practice healthy eating habits
2) Learn new cooking techniques 
3) Learn that leftovers are best friends to both my stomach and wallet
4) Find simple ways to cook for one
5) Find simple ways to shop for one
6) And finally: Share my findings with the world
The rules of this training are as followed:
1) I must record both my successes and failures.
2) In the 105 days, I must eat at least one meal home-cooked meal a day.
3) I must look for ways to be thrifty with my grocery lists.
4) I must store any leftovers to be used during a meal for the next day (when applicable). 
5) When going out to eat, I must ask for a to-go container and split half of my meal (portions sizes at most restaurants are on average two times the actual serving) AND actually eat the left overs later. 
6) I must experiment with turning leftovers into all new meals when I can.
7) If the leftovers are deemed “mooshy,” “discolored,” or “icky textured,” I must experiment with re-cooking techniques before deeming it uneatable.
8) I am a Weight Watcher and I must track my Weight Watchers points everyday.
9) I must follow my schedule (listed below).
10) I am only allowed to swap one home-cooked meal or restaurant meals a week. 
Above all, I must fear not, keep a sense of humor and have fun. There will be successes and failures, both will benefit my training. 

The experiment will start Janurary 15, 2012. 
Join me as the countdown begins! 

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